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  1. Hello all,

    I am thinking of starting a low volume blog. I need some blog engine recommendations.

    I have seen various posts about .NET blogging engines not being good enough. Some people opted for WordPress after considering all options. Will that work on Winhost? I know it's PHP but does it support SQL Server?

    The only requirement I have for a blog is to have built-in themes/styles for fancy code syntax coloring as the blog is code/programming related.

    Any suggestions (with links) are welcome. Thanks!
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  2. Ray


    Try This is a .Net blogging application that should be compatible with our system. It can use either SQL 2008 as the backend or some XML file. I suggest you configure it to use SQL 2008.
  3. Thanks both Nuclear and Ray.

    Ray: I have been playing with BlogEngine for a while and I've figured out most of what I need to know. I have one problem remaining.

    I created a subdomain It obviously points to the root. I have put BlogEngine to a blog subfolder and created application starting point. Now my blog is accessible as

    I have then played with UrlRewrite and searched up and down for answers but could not make it work simply as

    BlogEngine keeps generating urls taking the form /blog/something.... I could not find a way to change BlogEngine's default root URL.
  4. Ray


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  5. Thanks Ray. While waiting for answers I've found elsewhere that in terms of SEO it is best using a simple subfolder like /blog instead of opting for a subdomain. And it makes sense once you think about it...

    I am still pondering though...

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