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  1. Can it be done? If so, how?
    Just putting, for instance, '.shop' in Content Filtering doesn't do anything. I still get things coming from all the new TLDs (.shop, .beauty, .bar, .email, and so forth.)
    Actually, it would be better if I could just allow the "normal" TLDs. Do a much short filter and use "Does not match"?

    What is the format for the TLD? .something? something? *.something"?
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    1. Log into your postmaster account.
    2. Click on Domain Settings.
    3. Click on Content Filtering.
    4. Click on New.
    5. Give the rule a name (e.g. Allow TLD) in the General section.
    6. Set Match Type to "ALL conditions must be met".
    7. Check "Enable wildcards in search strings ( * and ? )".
    8. Click + New Condition.
    9. Select "Contains specific words or phrases" in Condition Type.
    10. Select "From Address" in Field.
    11. Select "Does Not Contain" in Comparison.
    12. In the From Address (one per line) text box, add:


    And any other domain name you want to allow. Click on Save button.

    13. Click + New Action.
    14. Select "Delete Message" or "Move message" if you want to move the messages to another folder before deleting them. Click on Save.
    15. Click on the Save button in the upper left hand corner.

    This should effectively filter out any messages that aren't in the list in #12. Note that I'm doing this on the "Domain level". Make sure you click on User Defaults and then Propagate to propagate the changes to all email accounts. If you want it to only apply to an individual email account, then click on Settings instead of Domain Settings. Play around with the rule a bit and adjust it to your liking. I haven't tested it so if the logic is off, I apologize.
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  3. Thank you very much. :)

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