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  1. First off, I want to say that I think you guys totally f**king rock. This is the best Windows hosting I've used so far by a long stretch. Tech support is very responsive and professional. Hard to beat.

    I built a site recently that I'm hosting on Winhost and ran into a couple of snags that I think would help future customers relating to email support:
    • Provide a way to enter a TXT DNS record that is longer than 127 characters. I was trying to enter a DKIM record for Mandrill and couldn't. I was not able to get around the issue and stuck with the email provided by Winhost but not ideal... I want enterprise email support with SPF and DKIM records so my customers can trust the email origin. I tried for hours to make it work with the current model and failed... Waste of time, frustrating.
    • I went with Google mail initially but under estimated how many customers were going to use my latest site so I exceeded my email limits during the first day and Google throttled my account (halted all emails). That killed me. I needed to reset my DNS settings on Winhost but was unable to without having support help me. I couldn't find a KB to walk me through resetting the DNS settings back to "factory defaults." It would be very nice to be able to click a button to reset to factory defaults. I acknowledge that this is likely an infrequent need but I would have found it incredibly useful 24-hours ago.
    Oh... and database backups that can be automated. Am I beating a dead horse?! ;)
    (Nice upgrade on the forum)
  2. I'm pretty sure a TXT record update is in the works for DNS, as is a customer-facing reset. I don't have an exact time frame, but it is something we're working on.
  3. Any closer to a fix for this? I too would like to integrate with Mandrill.
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