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  1. I have a site on here that I originally statrted as an asp site. I had added a worpress site in s sub directory. Ijust moved the whole thing to worpress (I know why ???, but its how it happened) ... I 301 redirected all my asp pages to the new corresponding wordpress page my question is how due I redirect a blog post like:

    to the new root

    can I use IIS some how to due this ?? Because the old posts don't exist at the old directory ... I know google will do this eventually but I don't want to loose my page rank ....

    Thanks in advance
  2. Ray


    Not quite sure I understand what you mean. So, you have a wordpress application before. The last host was GoDaddy. You now have one with Winhost. With GoDaddy, you have your wordpress applicaiton in a subfolder "blog". With Winhost you now have it setup directly under the root. You want to disable the 301 redirect you setup with GoDaddy. Is that correct?
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  3. Hi Ray, thanks for the reply I had just about given up ...

    I always had the site hosted on Winhost ... however it started as an asp site with a wordpress blog in a subdirectory ...

    so wordpress was in

    I moved the whole site over to wordpress in the root ... so I need to 301 redirect posts from

    From what I've seen this can be done with an .htaccess file 301 redirect but that doesn't seem to work because it is IIS not apache ... my question is :

    is there an alternative method to do this redirect (every thing from blog/ to root/ ) in IIS or my web.config ???
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  4. Ray


    Redirect scripts are typically in the code. If you have the site hosted on Winhost check with the URL Rewrite rule and see if you created a rule for the 301 redirect. If you did, all you need to do is simply drop the rule.
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  5. I don't have any redirects set up .. I am trying to setup a redirect ... the pages no longer exist because they are all move up one directory from
    to site

    I am trying to redirect all incoming request up one directory

    I can not do this in code because the pages no longer exist at said destination ...
  6. Ray


    Do you have a URL we can look and replicate the problem on our end?
  7. errr. yes

    the website is:

    hosted by you guys :)

    my problem is if you google "time matters mobility"

    and click the 4th link for my blog, Google will take you to:

    which is the old location of my wordpress blog

    however the page is now located at:

    because I moved my worpress to the root:

    I'm sorry I don't know how to make this any clearer, maybe I am explaining it poorly ....

    so again I have many articles that are indexed in Google to the wrong location
    and I need to 301 redirect them to the new url

    should this not work on an apache server

    Redirect permanent
    order deny,allow

    what is the equivlent to do this on IIS ???
  8. Ray


    This is something that you will need to discuss Google about. It maybe that you need to allow some time to pass and the cache on Google clears up.
  9. wow, really ?

    I find it so hard to believe that there is no equivalent redirect on IIS ... apache wins again
  10. Ray


    Base off what you stated, the redirect itself was not set on the server. It looks like that Google is caching an old link and redirecting it to the new URL.

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