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  1. What is the maximum number of concurrent users on a site hosted on the basic plan??
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    The following information is for all hosting plans.

    The current max HTTP Concurrent Connection limit is set to 25 by default. However, this doesn't mean that only 25 users can be on the site. It means that only 25 HTTP requests can be made at the same exact time.

    Most sites can operate no problems with the limit being 25 HTTP concurrent connections. It really depends on how your site works and making sure that the HTTP connections are closed.

    Something like Ajax can consume a lot of HTTP connections with even with a single user. As stated before it depends on how you developed your site.

    Upgrading the hosting plan doesn't increase the HTTP Concurrent Connection limit.

    So how do you know if you're using up your concurrent connections?

    If you start getting 503 error messages on your site and recycling the application pool through the control panel is doing nothing to resolve it. 503 errors don't only mean that it could be a HTTP Concurrent connection. It could mean a lot of different things.

    If you feel you're using up your concurrent connections you can contact support and ask them to take a look at your HTTPError logs to see if the concurrent connections are being reached. These logs are not available to our customers and only support department can access them.

    Based on what the support department finds we maybe able to increase the HTTP Concurrent connection limit on a case by case bases.
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  3. How much would that cost if you did run into concurrent issue? thanks
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    No cost.. we'll increase the concurrent connection if your site needs it.

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