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  1. Hello Friends!

    Well i had a microsoft report and one of my field is a number but i need to make it in to bar code.

    well i downloaded "free 3 of 9" font and select this font to print my number. it's working locally.
    obviously it's not working in my production site.

    i really appreciate that someone can help me about how to embedded my font or give me an altern way.

    (sorry for my english but it is not my native languaje )
  2. Ray


    Does this font selection need to be installed directly on the server? What is the error message you are getting?
  3. hey, thanks for your response.

    yeah this font need to be installed.

    there is no error, but the text is printed in a default font
  4. this is my design view

    this is my report printed locally

    and this is my report printed on production site
  5. Ray


    Sorry, we only have the standard Windows fonts on all of our web servers. Because we are a shared hosting environment, we have to consider stability, security, and standardization issues. That is why we cannot install 3rd party fonts directly on our servers.
  6. does is there another way to accomplish this requirement?

    i have not problem changing font or trying some that work in your servers.
    this look like a very commun requirement.
    do you have any other approach?
  7. Ray


    Not sure. This is really up to the vendor of the application. You may want to contact them to see if it can use any of the standard fonts installed on a Windows OS.
  8. thank you for your time ray!

    have a nice day : )

    i still working on this issue
  9. Silverlight will allow you to embed and use fonts not installed on the server/client as part of the project. Its actually a fairly popular topic in the Silverlight community.

    Depending on your needs, its definitely something worth investigating.

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