Automatically back up your SQL databases to the cloud

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  1. Our SiteBackup service can now automatically back up your MS SQL databases to the cloud. You've always had the ability to back up site files and MySQL databases, but we're excited to add the ability to back up MS SQL databases.

    SiteBackup is inexpensive (starting at only $2.95 per month for 10 GB of space!) and easy to use, and it gives you control of all of your site file and database backups. You choose how often you want to back up and how long to retain the backups. Set it up once and forget it, your backups will be reliably and safely kept in secure cloud storage outside of the Winhost network. SQL database back up is available as part of the SiteBackup service at no extra charge.

    Things to note: SQL backup is available for SQL 2012 and later databases, and it only works for SQL databases that are on Winhost servers. Each backup is a full backup, not incremental. Blacklist Monitoring is only available for sites that are being backed up by the SiteBackup service. Read our Knowledge Base article for instructions on using SQL database backup and Blacklist Monitoring.
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