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Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by redkid, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Hello!!

    I've been deploying a MVC 2.0 application, so far it's going smooth... but for when I am trying to browse through the application. Defeats the purpose really.

    So, browsing to works, but say if I wanted to go to, a popup asks me for authentication.

    For now, the application does need authorization but this is not the same.

    Maybe the permissions on the "Views" folder and its subfolders might not be allowing the browsing... maybe I am missing something fundamental.

    Thanks for helping :)

    Strange happenings. I pressed cancel on the authentication box and it worked on Chrome. Not on Safari.

    PS The "Error 404" that you'll see on is intentional.
  2. Ray


    It sounds like yo have Windows authentication enabled. Check your web.config file, verify if you have authentication set to Forms or Windows and double check your Authorization Rules.
  3. Thanks for your reply Ray! :)

    The authentication method is set to Forms. And in authorization rules, there is the "All users" rule and I added an allow rule for "Anonymous" user. Still nothing.
  4. Ray


    This is difficult, because 1, you are using MVC so it's kind of hard to follow what it is doing. But if it pulls up a window that is obviously challenging you with a Windows validation. To where in the code it is at, its difficult to say.
  5. I am using the MVC inbuilt membership provider. I'll look through to see if there's something to it there.

    When I am able to bypass the popup saying "The server at requires a username and password." I am taken to the LogOn page of my application, as I would expect normally.

    Anyway, I'll try a little bit more, if I can't figure it out, I'll contact support.

    Thanks again Ray!
  6. Ray


    It's hard to troubleshoot a full blown application. I suggest creating a subfolder and setting it as its own application starting point. Then create a simple .Net MVC application. From there you should be able to get a better understanding on what is going on since there are less things to look and test.
  7. That was great advice Ray! Brilliant! I tried out a blank MVC 2 app on a separate folder. The account controller I was using was from MVC 1 which used Windows Authentication, it would seem.

    So I copied it over and ta da! Things are as they should be.

    Thanks a bunch! :D See you around.

    DOH! It's back again... let's see what's happening now :(

    And it's gone... I changed the masterpage of the views related to account and it started the popup again, changed it back to Site.Master and it's gone. Strange things!

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