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  1. I have a folder off the root for an Orchard CMS application. I defined the folder to be an application starting point. I also created a domain pointer for and added a rewrite rule in the root web.config to rewrite requests to go to the Orchard folder. The application displays properly but all links are pointing to instead of just making me think that it is not recognizing the orchard folder as being it's root. I'm not sure if I've missed something or have misunderstood the purpose of application starting points.
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    Are you using absolute or relative pathing in your HTML links? That makes a difference. And Application Starting Points are more for ASP.NET applications to separate the configuration files (web.config) and /bin folder from the root and sub-directory. It's not 100% separate as there are web.config inheritance issues that may still need to be addressed.
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  3. It's seems I have a mix of results. I have relative path links that are fine. The path in my navigational links are relative but the relative path is being determined in ASP.NET using HttpContext.Request.ApplicationPath and for some reason it is not considering the orchard folder as being the root. I'll have to figure out if there is a setting I can set or at worst write an outbound rewrite rule to get rid of the folder from the links.
    If you have any ideas, they'd be appreciated. Thanks.

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