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  1. I have used Visual Studio 2012's Web Deploy per the instruction on Winhost to deploy my application. I have deployed the application to the root provided by Winhost. I then changed the Default Page to land.aspx as this is what my web application should default to.

    I am unable to access the website, I can however navigate to the Images folder of the site and view pictures within that folder. I went ahead and uploaded a basic HTML file to the root directory and then navigated to this page via web browser this page launched successfully. I then uploaded an .aspx page to test that this page timed out just as the rest of my site. Is there any configuration that could be missing from the web server? This site runs successfully in my local environment but will not serve .aspx pages in Winhost environment. This is a Asp web application. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Here is my site
    Test HTML:
    Test Asxp:
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    The links appear to be working fine for me.
  3. The solution analyst edited my config file to show full trust and this repaired the site. Thank you for looking into this.
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