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  1. I have a web site that supports ASP.NET but does not support all of the ASP.NET features. Specifically they do not support ASP.NET Membership for LOGIN to a secure section of my web site,
    1. Do you support ASP.NET MEMBERSHIP LOGIN created with Expression Web and Visual Web Developer?
    2. Do you support the sending of E-mail Forms as described in Jim Chescher’s Tutorial, www,
    Merv Norton
  2. 1) Yes.
    2) Who knows. That's not a valid URL. But probably.
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    The method we offer to our customers to send out email through there web application is through the smtp server we provide to them. This will also mean that you pass SMTP authentication so that our SMTP server will relay the email.

    Some hosting provider will allow 'localhost'. Localhost is the the web servers smtp service. To free up the web server from the responsibility of sending out email and just to focus on http calls, we disabled 'localhost' or the web servers smtp service. Please refer to these kb articles.

    From our experience, although this has been beneficial to our web servers, I have seen some certain drawbacks to it. The primary one I've seen is with PHP applications. By default PHP application will automatically revert to 'localhost' when trying to send out email. Unless you install the PEAR module on the server so that you can use the Pear Mail method in PHP, sending email through PHP can be difficult.

    If you have a PHP application I can only suggest to pass the form values from your PHP application to a .Net application where it will send out the email.
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