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  1. Hi people ..

    I' m trying to rum an ASP.NET web app within a subdirectory in Winhost service .
    In my Winhost site ( I've created a so named (App Starting Point) which is a subdirectory to deploy my application.
    This subidrectory is so called /sistemagestao , so my full site name would be

    However, every time I invoke my app, by calling it redirects me to the root web site '404 file not found' page.

    What should I do to make it work. ? Should I set up some parameter in Web.config file or even implement some route sentence in the RouteConfig.cs class. ?

    The idea is to keep the web app always working on the subdiretory without any redirections to the root path

    Appreciate any ideas..

    Thank you in advance.

    Irineu A. Junior
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