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    I have recently introduced myself to Visual Web Developer and I like it. I have seen your advice for publishing from Visual Studio and VWD at and it looks very useful.

    However I dont see much in the way of File Upload advice and I am not sure that ASP.NET hosting works in the same way as the hosting I have used for simple HTML pages in the past.

    Amoung my curiosities are the follwing points:

    Being new to Visual Web Developer, the code behind files and other extra files are new to me. The bit of your VWD publishing advice says to "select the files you want to copy from the source website list" - then use the arrows etc. I would not know for sure which files would be needed besides the ones which I have deliberately created. I know this is probably very basic for ASP experts but one thing about Visual Web Developer is that it draws in newbies and novices ( such as me ) to have a go and learn it - unfortunately this leaves a learning curve gap when bumping into services such as yours and trying to keep up. ( Screen shots are always useful ) I would assume that it is potentially good for your business to engage in a little novice nurturing for that reason.
    For your info I found you advertised on W3C. From what I can tell from your forum you are going places - help me join you.

    May be this thread can be expanded for novices to gain confidence from.


    Can I upload pages in a similar manner as I did with previous service provider with my simple HTML site ( UK Cheapest ).

    Your Site Tools tutorials link directs users to a login box for registered users only so there is no tutorial view for those who have not signed up. Any chance of a screen shot or 2 of your control panel UI for those who have not registered yet to get familiar with?

    Can I easily edit web pages remotely?

    Can I easily change images in image file directories remotely?

    Sorry to seem so green but even as green as I am I can manage to create a workable site in VWD. I think there are probably a lot more me's out there waiting to discover these Microsoft products which are free and fairly easy to learn when it comes to creating their site. They, like me, may find the experience of trying to get to grips with what you are offering, and how to utilise it, a little bit difficult to understand.

    A glossary of terms including their similarities to other types of hosters terms may be useful. eg. have you used the word "starting point" where I have been taught "index"?

    Food for thought or a pain in the butt - sorry if its the latter but it cant be just me who finds the experience of the hosting process a bit intimidating - I am not a tec head - I just want to build my site and publish it for people to use - VWD has got me half way there - and Winhost looks new, fine and good value to be my final partner if I can be helped to get to grips with getting on board.

    Finally can I change the domain name of my site after an initial period. Strange question you may think but in tandem with your month on month charging procedure it could be very useful in that it would enable me to do a practice run before I have decided on a final domain name. On reflection of that question you may say that I could just close the site and open a new one. Is that possible?

    Sorry for the length - hope it hasn't hurt,
    Best wishes
    Mr Green
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  2. You can upload files via FTP as you would at any host.

    Are you using these links? They lead directly to the articles, no login necessary.

    Starting point refers to a path, not a file. The directory where your application is installed is the starting point.

    Yes, you would simply close the site and open a new one under the other domain. You can have multiple sites in one account.
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  3. I think you should just consider using a CMS for a website to edit your pages remotely.
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    Doubt about ASP.NET

    can i start working with ASP.NET without knowing c# language.
    if no,what book can i follow as a beginner to improve my self in dot net platform

    Best wishes
  5. Hiya,
    You can learn a lot for free here:
    You do not need to learn C#, in ASP.NET you can code with what you are comfortable with.
    Cheers ;-)
  6. Ray


    Personally I like getting started with Microsofts starter kits. It requires little knowledge of programming but it helps start you in the path of .Net development.

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