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  1. Hi. I have been battling a bug for a few months and hoping someone can help:

    I have a asynchronous webservice setup to handle my outgoing emails from my Winhost site. It works great EXCEPT when I need to send more than say... 15 emails.

    SOMETIMES it works great even when I try to send 40 emails... other times it quits after 10 or 15.

    I have a handler for the: ReminderSMTP.SendCompleted event. If the last message went out then it sends the next message. If there was an error I create a new SMTPClient with a completely different smtp server and credentials and send an error report then I try to resend the original message (from the original SMTP client).

    I never get an error report and often not all the messages go out. Is there any reasons the SendCompleted event would not get fired? As I understand, the event is triggered if there is a timeout or any other type of error.

    I have tested the error email routine and verified it sends the error message email as expected - so that is not the reason.

    This is driving me crazy as I've tried MANY possible fixes. Any ideas?

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  2. I am still battling this bug. I just tried using a timeout (a timer). When the timer event fires it should re-try sending the email and it sends out a new email (to a completely different) address to tell me that this event happened.

    I have not received a 'timeout' email and I know that all the original emails were not sent.

    It is like the process just dies. All of this is in an ASMX service so I can't really debug it. If I run off localhost then it all works great.... this is why I think the issue is with the underlying Winhost SMTPClient.
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  3. Bypass Winhost SMTP servers

    Does anyone know how I can bypass the Winhost SMTP servers? Are there any services I can use?

    All I want to be able to do is send daily reminders to customers who have something scheduled... sometimes this may be 25-50 emails.

    I am using GMAIL. When I host my site locally I have no issues. As soon as I copy the files to Winhost the emails quit after 15-25 or so. No error, no nothing... just kaput. The connection between the Winhost SMTP server and GMAIL just dies.

    Any ideas??
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  4. Elshadriel

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    You can try using GMail's SMTP server. You will need to connect on port 465.

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