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  1. I have an application connecting to a SQL Server database, both hosted by you. I have a stored procedure within the database. The sp produces a dataset that is then dumped into a gridview. When the dataset is small (150 records or so) all goes well. When it gets large (10,000 records) it hangs. My connection timeouts, command timeouts, AJAX timeout all seem excessive.

    When I run the app in debug on my local machine (connected to the served database) it does NOT hang. I suspect that there are some memory or disk allocations that I am bumping against. Is there anyway for me to verify this and/or fix it?

  2. Depending on the type of account you have, your application operates in an isolated application pool of either 100 mb (Basic plan) or 200 mb (Max and Ultimate plans). Check the memory usage when you run the app in your development environment. Odds are it is approaching or exceeding the quota on your application pool here.

    The application pool limits are fixed and cannot be increased.
  3. Memory maxed?

    Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I believe the plan is 'Ultimate.' So does that indeed mean there is no way to increase that parameter? I may have ways around it, but it would be nice to just boot up the memory available.

  4. Ray


    No, I'm afraid not. The memory threshold setting is a server wide setting. Can you provide us the exact error message you are getting when your SQL connection times out?
  5. Error Message?

    Problem is I'm not getting an error message. Just hangs, sits, nada, as if it were forever calculating. When I run the stored procedure in SQL Server Managment Suit it finishes less than 4 minutes and diosplays results fine. When I run it from Net it goes on forever (well 15 minutes and then I quit).
  6. When it happens

    The problem seems to come when the gridview is a actually constructed. So the stored procedure is running fine, and the table of data seems to be created in memory OK, but then I go to assign it to the gridview and in the process of building the gridview for the page it hangs. I'm not really sure which memory (if that) is being used up where. I have some other tests I can run. I haven't tried constructing a 10,000 record gridview on your server without using the stored procedure. That will tell me something (not sure what).
  7. Ray


    Do you have a URL we can look at?
  8. Url?

    Is there a way I can send you the URL without using a 'public' forum? The site is very much in development.
  9. Ray


    Send me a private message.

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