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  1. Hello,

    I recently hosted my website (html) at Winhost, but am not able to access my web.sitemap file. I get an error :
    HTTP Error 404.7 - Not Found
    The request filtering module is configured to deny the file extension.

    The reason I need access to it is to allow for google search listing.

    Anyways, I was asked by Winhost to install the IIS 7 manager which I did, but I shall need help configuring things.

    Could someone please help me with this?

    Thanks in anticipation,

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  2. Ray


    The HTTP error 404 is pretty straight forward. It means that your application is looking for a file it cannot find. Have you checked your web site that you uploaded to our server and made sure that all the necessary files are uploaded and placed in their proper folders?

    I'm not quite sure exactly what you are asking for with your IIS 7 Manager. I will need you to be more elaborate and descriptive on what you want help with of your IIS 7 Manager.
  3. Hello and thanks for the reply.

    I have already mentioned it is a 404.7 error, which means the file exists on the server (and yes, I have confirmed it) but its extension .sitemap is not being allowed for viewing.

    That is why I either have to make a change in the web.config or using IIS (which was suggested by Jose of Winhost).

    In short, I have a web.sitemap in my website folder, and I need google to be able to view it.


  4. Ray


    Do you have a link I can look at to see this error message?
  5. Ray


    I'll check with our systems adminsitrator on this one. I'll get back to you through this posting as soon as possible.
  6. Ray


    I was just informed that extensions such as .sitemap is automatically protected by the IIS 7. It is the same thing with files such as web.config. The extension .config is also protected by the server. If you try to pull up these files directly on the browser you will get an error message.
  7. Oh wow, then how do I let google access the sitemap? It needs that for proper site listing.
    Is there no way I could allow access through IIS Manager or web config?

    Also, what about my other problem with a custom 404 page. I set it up in IIS manager, but it still does not show up online.

  8. Ray


  9. That would need an installation on your server. I don't think I am allowed to do that, am I?
  10. Ray


  11. Thought so.
    Anyways, I just submitted my sitemap as an xml file, and it might just work fine.

    Will you be able to help me with my custom 404 page? Or should I start a new thread for it?

  12. Ray


    If you are tryng to call on your browser of a file with the extension .sitemap I'm afraid there is little we can change on our end. This is a server wide setting. This cannot be altered because it wil affect all the other accounts on that server.
  13. Thanks, but google did accept the xml sitemap, so that issue is resolved.

    My 2nd issue :
    I have a custom 404.htm page and I made the change in the IIS manager, but the custom 404 page does not turn up. Any help on that please?
  14. Ray


    Check your web.config file and also set your <customerrors> element. When you update the IIS 7 Manager 'Error Pages' module you are updating the <httperrors> element which filters for the http calls for none pages. But for pages, it will continue to use the <customerrors> element.

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