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    I currently have a database-driven, revenue-generating website with three email addresses that I wish to transfer from GoDaddy to Winhost.

    The transfer of the database and web pages should be straightforward. I'll set up a hosting account, copy the pages, set up the database and import the data.

    Once I've tested the site, I believe it's just a matter of changing the nameservers. Is that correct? Do I need to change the A record also?

    I am not certain how to handle the email accounts. I have free email accounts with GoDaddy because of the hosting plan. When I cancel that plan, I need to set up those email accounts with Winhost instead. Is that a change to the MX record at GoDaddy?

    Finally, the domain name itself is up for renewal in April. What I would like to do is transfer the name to Winhost and handle the renewal there. How would I go about that?

    Thank you for your time.
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