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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Solomondial, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. Hi friends,

    I wanted to put this out there, since this is a very new enterprise (Winhost) and perhaps this is one feature that could be explored for possibilities.

    I can only speak for myself when I say that 100 Gigs of transfer bandwidth is more than enough, but I am running out of disk space, since I am hosting 8 sites in subdirectories (with the script for pointing them to the subdirs) and I have video, audio, all sorts of stuff.

    I'd like to see an option to add another 500 megs, 1 gig, 2 gigs,
    as a $1, $2, $3 extra per month, or something along those lines.

    Anyone feel the same?

    Loving this service provider, by the way.

  2. Sol, thanks for the suggestion. We don't have any plans to offer à la carte quota increases, but time - and customer demand - could have an impact on that.
  3. I was thinking this as well though I know it could turn into a nightmare for you guys on the management, administration and billing side. The option for scalability though is very appealing. And if I do get to the point of needing more X I would hate to start the search all over again for a place I'm confident in.
  4. Just want to reinforce epiclist's suggestion. I guess that there's a few of us who are just starting out and would like to stay with Winhost if things go well, even if they go so well that we need much more transfer/space.

    Maybe a virtual server or cloud server system may be worth considering?
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  5. I know I won't get more than 80 gigs of transfer, but i have already run out of space.
    I cannot see it being that great of a problem to incorporate this into the options.
    In billing of the control panel, create an option for more space. select it, pay for it immediately with credit card, more space is allotted on server, and then monthly bill total is increased to accomodate larger space.

    is there a reason why this would be very difficult with the virtual servers?
  6. Ray


    A virtual server brings a whole new dynamics to the mix. Virtual server typically means a dedicated server which will through off our low cost pricing plan. Not sure if this is a route we want to take since we are focusing on a different niche market. I guess the bottom line is that we have to be weary with the basic rules of economics, and that is 'Unlmited demand for a limited supply'.
  7. oh... i forgot we have a shared dedicated server. i don't really mean "virtual server" don't know where that came from... probably my last server, before this one.

    is it a problem to allot more space on the dedicated server?
  8. Ray


    If you are on a dedicated server then it shouldn't be that much harder to add additional hard drive space but unfortunately we only offer shared hosting at this time.
  9. It is not an issue of allocating space or the ability to bill for the space or anything like that. We decided against ala carte services from day one, because going that route adds expenses and our goal is to keep costs low. Our plan was to offer accounts with fixed resource quotas and provide an upgrade path for anyone who outgrew an account. That only works up to a point, of course, because at some point you have to say, "Sorry, too big for us!"

    But having said that, if you run out of space on the Max plan just contact us. We have other tricks up our sleeves.
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