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    The specs say that I can have unlimited domains per site but how is that accomplished. I don't see any way to do that with the control panel.
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    You can host multiple web sites within one account/site. We offer unlimited domain pointers so you can add as many domains as you wish to your site through Control Panel. You can then programmatically redirect the additional domains to whichever subdirectory you choose. You can set the subdirectory as its own application starting point using the Application Starting Point tool in Control Panel.

    Having said that, there are some distinct disadvantages to hosting multiple web sites in this manner, and you may want to consider these points before you load up a site with several domains:

    - All domains within a site are in one shared application pool (they all share the same memory allocation).
    - You do not get separate stats for each domain.
    - You only get email alias service for the domain pointers, not POP accounts.
    - You don't get the full set of tools for each domain.

    Alternatively, if you want the full scope of features and tools for each domain, you can sign up each domain name as separate Basic or Max site through Control Panel.

    To add additional domain names to your site please refer to this Knowledge Base article detailing our domain pointer feature:

    To redirect domain pointers to specific directories, we have some redirect information and sample code in our Knowledge Base, at: (please note that although the redirect script was specifically written for subdomains, it can also be used for domain pointers).

    You may also use the URL Rewrite module to do redirection if you are in a Windows 2007/IIS7 server.
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