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  1. I am considering Winhost as a way to host my data. I am worried about the condition where some DB admin or code screws up the data and we need to revert from backup, but we have failed to create a backup via the control panel (which is not something we can automate).

    Is there any way to restore the database from your backups? I understand there may be a fee for this, but it is a very important fail-safe that we need, since we intend to set the software up for the client and walk away from it.
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    Access databases are files that actually stay inside the web server under your root. We do keep a backup of our customers web sites but bear in mind that this is for our use for disaster recovery purposes if we ever so need one. Because of all the accounts we host, we can only keep a 3 day backup of our customers web site. Inside the website should be the Access database. We can retrieve the backup for you and yes there will be a fee. Open a ticket to our support department and let them know your issue. Tell them what date you are looking for and they can check if the backup still exist in their storage server. Also, they cannot retrieve a single file. They can only retrieve the site as a whole. They will place the site in your root and it will be in a compressed format (.zip). It will be up to you to download it, uncompress it and upload the files you need back to the web server.
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    Thanks for the response. This helps, because I need to be able to tell my customer that there is a disaster plan in place, even if there is a fee.

    We will, however, be using SQL Server for our data. Is what you said also true about the SQL Server data?

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    Yes. But because databases are typically smaller then the accumulated size of the entire web site, we typically have a 7 day backup of our customers databases.

    Also, we encourage our customers to initiate their own database backup. They can get a real time backup of their database free of charge by using the Restore/Backup feature in side our Winhost control panel. You may want to look at this KB article for some information on this matter.

    Generally speaking the only time a fee is imposed is when it will require our systems administrator to actually go to the storage servers and hunt down the desired backup.
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