Access is Denied on WCF Service

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  1. Howdy,
    I'm getting an "Access is Denied" error when calling a wcf service.

    You can check out the error here:

    The service it's calling is located here:

    I have a working test method that returns a json string located here:

    So far so good, except this method which accesses a Winhost db via Entity Framework throws a 500 "Access is Denied":

    My first thought was; Oh I just fat fingered the credentials in the connection string, but that would have been too easy. I always get back the "Access is Denied" even if I mess up the credentials.

    I've been using the Winhost db from my local dev evironment with no problems, but for some reason it's not working when deployed to Winhost.

    I searched the KB and forums but didn't find anything that helped. Am I forgetting or missing something?

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  2. Ray


    Can you post a copy of your web.config file? You may want to asterisk the db user name and password.
    Also include the <system.webserver><security> elements of your web application.
    As a quick test, go to your application and set the trust mode to Medium save it and reset to Full.
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