401 Unauthorized when connecting via remote IIS manager

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  1. I followed these instructions carefully: http://support.Winhost.com/KB/a628/using-the-microsoft-iis-70-manager.aspx

    Specifically, I am attempting to connect to server: diveseve.w05.Winhost.com

    I'm using my FTP username and password, but I receive a 401.

    I have quite a complex password so I tried changing it to something simpler, but it still wouldn't work.

    Any advice appreciated :)
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  2. Ray


    I'm going to need multiple screenshots of your IIS 7 Manager and the values you are inputting to help me troubleshoot and investigate this problem. Can you attach it to this forum?
  3. Is this resolved? I'm experiencing the same problem. I'm planning to setup a subdomain but I could not get through this step.
    I'm using Windows XP SP3 and Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 Manager (downloaded from microsoft).
    I also tried turning off the firewall (ESET).
    Attached is a screenshot of the error message.


    Attached Files:

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  4. PS:
    1.) In IIS7 Manager, I clicked on "Connect to a site"
    2.) on the server name, I typed: benagel1.w04.Winhost.com . which is the Secondary Web URL
    3.) on Site Name, I type: ben
    4.) on username, I type: xxx . which is FTP Username
    5.) on password, I type: yyy . which is the FTP Password
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  5. Ray


    The site name is not correct. It should be the domain name to the site account. Make sure you exclude the "www".

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