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  1. Hello, we are trying to move an existing domain “lettings4u.com” from 123-reg over to Winhost. The domain was bought from 123 by my client. I already host some websites with Winhost so I wanted to move this one over to a now trusted host before getting to work building it. Could you help me with this process please? I have asked 123 about this and they have informed me that I need to do a domain name pointer. This does not sound right to me as this is for pointing multiple domains to one website. Any help you can give me on this matter will be much appreciated.
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  3. Hello,

    I work here at 123-reg.

    You are able to link your domain name to a hosting package that you hold with any third party by pointing your domain name via DNS. This will leave the management of your domain name with 123-reg, however your website will be arranged through the third party. Changing the DNS is different from pointing by "web-forwarding" which you would do if you wished to just have the domain name point to another domain.

    By changing the DNS you basically select the server space which your website is on to display when the domain name is visited.

    If you would like to keep the domain name with 123-reg and have it linked to a hosting package with Winhost you can use either an IP address or change the nameservers fro your domain name. You can see the guides below for how to do this:



    If you need any more help regarding the domain name I will be happy to advise where I can,



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